Repairing Credit – Repairing Credit Yourself is the Way to Go!

Repairing credit is not brain surgery, you just need to know the in’s and out’s of the game. Once you find the right source, you can easily accomplish this feat on your own and NOT fork over the big cash that credit repairing companies charge.

These companies make big bucks fixing your credit. I find it funny that these companies make such good money. The reason I find it so funny is that it’s just really easy to do it yourself.

Is it easy to just blindly try to accomplish this task? Not really. So what to do?

Pick up a good download that guides you every step of the way. You’ll be taught exactly what to do & even be provided with sample delete letters and so forth.

The thing that is so great about a downloadable eBook (compared to a paperback or hardcover book) is that the authors normally take it upon themselves to email you tips & important updates as the nature of credit repair changes.

Repairing your own credit really is simple. There are several great credit repair guides or kits. Here is just a small sample of what you’ll learn:

— How to remove Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy from your credit report using a special 2 step bankruptcy removal technique anyone can follow.

–How to remove judgments and liens from your credit report using a critical flaw in the court system.

–How to remove charge offs and slow pays from your credit report using the special “Prove It Or Remove It” technique.

These manuals will easily teach you all this and so much more. After reading the material, most people are surprised how easy it is to fix credit on your own. These books contain the secrets that the lucrative credit repair industry does NOT WANT YOU to know.

SWTOR Armstech Leveling Guide – How To Level This Crafting Skill To 400!

In this article we will be having a look at Armstech which is a crafting skill that will allow you to make blasters, blaster rifles and upgrades.

These are split into 3 different categories or ‘qualities’ and to begin with you will be able to make basic weapons and upgrades and then as you level up you will find that you can make better quality weapons.

The 3 categories are:

Premium – These items are fairly easy to make and will only requite materials gathered around the world or you can also purchase them from vendors.
Prototype – This is the same as premium but A LOT rarer and these will be better weapons in most cases with more damage.
Artifact – These are even better quality than prototypes and you will sometimes get these from farming resources but more often than not will have to purchase them from other players.

For the most part when you are crafting with Armstech you will be making Premium items and sometimes Prototype – only the really hardcore will go on to make Artifacts because they are very rare.

To get all of the materials so you can actually craft you will need to pick up the required gathering skill and mission skills as well.

In this case if you will want to pick up the Scavenging crew skill and the Investigation Crew skill as well.

Once you have done that you will be ready to level Armstech.

First let us run through the materials that you will need in total:

40x Laminoid
40x Aluminium
100 x Conductive Flux
40x Pastoid
40x Silicia
60x Chanlon
40x Bronzium
60x Plasteel
40x Lacqerous
40x Phobium
60x Fibermesh
80x Insulating Flux
60x Bondite
40x Resinite
40x Diatium
80x Brazing Flux
60x Polyplast
60x Electrum
80x Thermoplast Flux
20x Neutronium
20x Amorphous Carbonite

NOTE: This is a list of the base materials that you need to get Armstech up to level 400 but you can speed it up and will need less materials if you reverse engineer everything that you make to start with.

Armstech Leveling Guide 1-80

To level up to 80 you will need to make these items in the same order:

10x Reflex Barrel from level 2 to 5

Here are the materials needed:

20x Silicia for Barrel 2
20x Silicia and 20x Desh for Barrel 3
20x Laminoid and 20x Aluminium for Barrel 4
20x Laminoid, 20x Aluminium and 20x Conductive Flux

Armstech Leveling Guide 80-160

To level up to 160 with Armstech you will need to make:

10x Reflex Barrel levels 6-9

For this you will need these materials:

20x Plastoid, 20x Bronzium and 20x Conductive Flux for Barrel 6
You will need the same materials as Barrel 6 to make Barrel 7
20x Plastoid, 20x Chanlon and 20x Conductive Flux for Barrel 8
Again to make Barrel 9 you just need the same materials as Barrel 8.

Armstech Leveling Guide 160-240

Moving on up to 240 you will need to make:

10x Reflex Barrel levels 10 to 13

The materials you need for these are:

For Barrel 10 you will need 20x Plasteel, 20x Chanlon and 20x Insulating Flux
For Barrel 11 you will need 20x Phobium, 20x Lacqerous and 20x Insulating Flux
For Barrel 12 you will need 20x Phobium, 20x Lacqerous and 20x Insulating Flux
For Barrel 13 you will need 20x Fibermesh, 20x Bondite and 20x Insulating Flux

Armstech Leveling Guide 240-300

OK, we are getting there! You are going to keep on making Reflex Barrels to level at this point and the only thing that really changes is the materials that you will need and of course the grade of the item as well.

To get to level 300 you will need to make:

10x Reflex Barrel levels 14 to 16

The materials you will need are:

For Barrel 14 you will need 20x Fibermesh, 20x Bondite and 20x Brazing Flux
For Barrel 15 you will need 20x Fibermesh, 20x Bondite and 20x Brazing Flux
For Barrel 16 you will need 20x Resinite, 20x Diatium and 20x Brazing Flux

Armstech Leveling Guide 300-360

Next up we will get up to level 360, again this will be using the Reflex Barrels. To get to level 350 in Armstech you will need to make:

10x Reflex Barrel 17
10x Reflex Barrel 18
10x Reflex Barrel 19

For these barrels you will need the following materials:

For Barrel 17 you will need 20x Resinite, 20x Diatium and 20x Brazing Flux
For Barrel 18 you will need 20x Electrum, 20x Polyplast and 20x Thermoplast Flux
For Barrel 19 you will need 20x Electrum, 20x Polyplast and 20x Thermoplast Flux

Armstech Leveling Guide 360-400

Ladies and Gentlemen we are nearly there! If you have run this crafting marathon all the way through form level 1 then you are nearly there and deserve a pat on the back!

This is the last bit of crafting that you will need to do and will get you to level 400.

You will need to make:

10x Reflex Barrel 20
10x Reflex Barrel 21

You will just need to keep making these two items until you get to level 400 at this point!

The materials that you need are:

For Barrel 20 you will need 20x Electrum, 20x Polyplast and 20x Thermoplast Flux
For Barrel 21 you will need 20x Neutronium, 20x Amorphous Carbonite and 20x Thermoplast Flux

Once you have done that you will be level 400 in Armstech!


Bad Credit Guide For Fixing Your Bad Credit And Personal Finance Tools To Fix Your Bills

Having bad credit is a very frustrating thing. This bad credit guide can teach you where you can find bad credit score loans. The banks are not going to tell you where you can find bad credit products most of the time. This is because they don’t want to advertise to people that might not pay them. This is a bad investment mistake they just don’t make most of the time. But My Money Mechanic has done a little research for you on the subject. We have found different banks that are more likely to lend money to people when they have bad credit.

Bad credit score loans tend to come with high fees and interest rates. But this is to be expected from bad credit lending products. We recommend that people only use products like these as a financial stepping stone to get to where you need to go. They are great when you are in trouble and you are trying to fix your personal finances in general. They are good for getting any bad debts you have back in good standing again. You would want to do this before trying to repair your credit.

Credit repair is a process where someone who has bad credit will use a professional service to dispute all the negative information on their credit report. They help you by sending out letters on your behalf to all the credit bureaus disputing the negative information contained in your credit report. This can be anything bad like late payments, charge offs, bankruptcies, judgments, old collection accounts, and anything else bad your creditors had to say about you. They want you to have bad credit because that means they make more money. These financial institutions all work together with each other. You are guilty of any information they report about you unless you prove your innocence. This process of credit repair is completely legal too. It is your right as a consumer to dispute this information like this to have it removed. It is just that no one tells you that you have this right. They just make it look like you better not screw up or you don’t get another chance. Well this is far from the truth. Anyone that wants a second chance financially can have one.

Our bad credit guide shows you how you can fix problems that you might have with all your typical bills you might have. We show you how to save money on your house payment, car payment, phone bills, insurance premiums, student loans, and more.

Our goal is to help you improve your financial picture by showing you personal finance tools that can be used to help you fix all your money problems. Fixing your credit with easy credit repair is just the first step in fixing your personal finances. You then need to fix all the problems that having bad credit has cost you. Like credit card and loan interest rates that are ridiculously high. We even show you were to find new loans and credit cards to replace all these lending products that you have a bad reputation with. This gives you a chance to start over with good credit and live comfortable for once.

In order to start this process first look for bad credit score loans that can get bad debts you have bad in good standing again. Or enroll in easy credit repair to eliminate this debt with professional debt settlement. This is where a professional will negotiate with a bank to settle your debt for a fraction of what you owed. They will then label your debt as paid in full.